Trust Fund

Episode 111

Dylan tries to get her hands on money by any means possible, while London oversteps with Seth’s family, and Wes forms a strong bond with Edward.

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A fundraiser-turned-heist? Co-Executive Producer/Director Stefan Brogren breaks it all down on The Doctor’s Office.



Scarlet isn’t Donnie’s type? Not according to her.  

Hud knows which side of the curtain he chooses to be on.




Strange Attraction by DIANA
Dylan skims through her Pa3er messages and realizes that her dad is still alive because of the ransom video from Veronica. Detective Goodis tells Dylan to pay the ransom.

We love DIANA and this was the perfect spot to place them. This song brings such a good energy off the top and also plays perfectly in the diner as well as over the opening title card. It screams Open Heart!

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Gold Complex - Backbone

Backbone by Gold Complex
Song plays as Seth arrives to the fundraiser and everyone is making their final bids on the silent auction. Seth gets angry with Donnie for showing up.

This happens to be another one of Gold Complex’s original songs that fit really well in the background of the fundraiser.

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Gold Complex - Tread On Me

Tread On Me by Gold Complex
Band plays this song as the fundraiser is in full swing.

As many people may or may not know, Will Bowes (Epitome’s Digital Producer) plays in Gold Complex. Everyone loves their band so much; it made perfect sense to have them play at the fundraiser! After all, they played our Degrassi/Open Heart wrap party and everyone was a-jivin’. We love them, and this is one of their original songs.

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“Burn” by Gold Complex (originally by Ellie Goulding)
Dylan and Wes just got in an argument, Hud arrives and London helps him with his tie. Donnie arrives in crutches and almost gives away their heist stunt to Hud. London tells Hud the truth about what’s going down.

Knowing Gold Complex was going to be the fundraiser band, we brainstormed with the writers and decided to have them record a cover or two for the show. We were tossing around song ideas, and this was one of them. We’re huge fans of Ellie Goulding so this was definitely high up on the list. We’re so glad it worked out, because GC killed it!

We Are Stars by Gold Complex featuring Elena Juatco (originally by Virginia To Vegas)
Scarlet sings with the band while Wes and Dylan are slow dancing. London approaches Dylan and tells her that Seth took the painting. Dylan loses it.

This was the second song we decided to have Gold Complex cover at the fundraiser. For those who don’t know, Elena is an amazing singer (and former Canadian Idol Top 10 finalist), so it was too perfect to have her sing this alongside Will and the band. Everyone involved in this show is just so talented!


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