Last Things First

Episode 101/102

Dylan starts community service at Open Heart Memorial and begins a covert investigation into her dad’s disappearance, trying to get her hands on hospital security footage from the day he disappeared.

Dylan’s sister London struggles with the pressure Jane puts on her at work while Jane struggles with her own fear and self-doubt.

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He’s back!

In this, the first episode of The Doctor’s Office, Co-Executive Producer/Director Stefan Brogren recounts the exciting one hour premiere of the brand new series, Open Heart, with special guest Karis Cameron!



Dylan’s terms of probation…

Here’s Teddy…

Here’s Mikayla…

Here’s London…

This is Jared…




“Loco Ono” by Bassnectar
Opening sequence which follows Dylan & team break-in and continues to the arrival at the Emergency Room

Ironically, this was one of the most challenging pieces of music to place all season. We were given the basic note to lean towards ‘dubstep’ and we must have pitched 30 songs or more. We wanted to make sure we opened the show with something super energetic and intense; after all, this is the first track you hear in the show. It almost defines it in a way.

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“Cloud 69” by Lowell
Swimming and fun times at Dylan’s grandparent’s house.

This track was thrown around as an option for the show in the early stages of post-production. Lowell was one of the artists that the both we and writer’s team felt would fit the show well. We love this scene because we get to see this cool, sexy side of Dylan and really think this is an artist she would listen to. We get to know Dylan a little bit more in this scene. It’s also just a really fun song. Who wouldn’t want to jump into a pool with their friends to this song?

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“Trouble” by Zeds Dead
Midpoint of the one-hour special episode, Dylan tells Wes and Mikayla that she needs help sneaking into the security room.

The Bassnectar track, that first track in the show, opened the door for us so we were able to use more edgy electronic songs throughout the season. Since we opened the episode with dubstep, we wanted to continue the show with the same vibe. With Zeds Dead being a great Canadian electronic artist, we figured they would be a perfect fit for Open Heart.

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“Hard Time” by Seinabo Sey
As Dylan sneaks into the security room.

Seinabo Sey is one of the many artists we caught just before a big deal went through. We were lucky enough to get this track right before a large videogame company snagged the song for one of their ads. We’re happy we found a home for it in the show because it too fits the overall ‘sound’ of Open Heart.

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“Ballad of NGB” by Stateless
Dylan searches through Goodis’ laptop, looking for the security tape of her Dad.

One of the editors suggested this song to us for this scene and it just fit so well, we went with it!

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The Darcy's

“The River” by The Darcys
London tells Jane what she really thinks about her operating. Dylan shows Wes and Mikayla the security tape. This song reprises at the end of the episode when the Blake family has dinner together. Reveal woman in the leopard coat.

This is probably one of our favourite placements from the entire season. The Darcys were another band that we threw around in the early stages of post. MAJOR chills when we first saw the rough cut of this episode – particularly, the end. The song brings such a mysterious yet intense vibe and it only amplifies its cliffhanger ending.

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Meet Dylan Blake’s parents, Jane and Richard Blake and learn more about their secrets… Featuring interviews with Karis Cameron, Jenny Cooper and Jeff Douglas.

Watch the Open Heart cast read through the opening sequence of the season premiere for the very first time!

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