Karis Cameron - Dylan Blake

Karis Cameron

Dylan Blake


Hailing from Vancouver Island, Karis Cameron relocated to Toronto to play the lead role of Dylan Blake in OPEN HEART. Karis’ character is the gutsy and headstrong heroine who is determined to unravel the mystery that plagues the halls of Open Heart Memorial. A fresh newcomer to the industry, Karis’ acting credits include a role in Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Hallmark Channel) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (The Hub Network).

Tori Anderson - London Blake

Tori Anderson

Dr. London Blake


Vancouver Island’s Tori Anderson joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Dr. London Blake, Dylan’s brainy older sister and first-year resident. Tori’s acting credits include The L.A. Complex, Smallville, Warehouse 13, Flashpoint, Murdoch Mysteries, Rookie Blue, Blink, The Twilight Zone, Backstrom, Killing Daddy, Mayday 11, The Troop, The 4400, To Have and To Hold, In the Land of Women, The Mermaid Chair, Cable Beach and Tru Calling. Some of Tori’s theatre credits include Dream a Little Dream, Program, Habit, Antony and Cleopatra, The Tempest, Oedipus and Measure for Measure.

Justin Kelly - Wes Silver

Justin Kelly

Wes Silver


Justin joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Wes Silver, the cool and playful charmer, with a smart mouth that gets him out of trouble just as often as it gets him into it. Justin’s television credits include Degrassi, Lost Girl, Saving Hope, Warehouse 13, The Latest Buzz and the NBC MOW The Jensen Project. Justin’s film credits include David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, Lost and Found, Big Muddy and the animated feature The Pirate’s Passage.

Christine Prosperi - Mikayla Walker

Cristine Prosperi

Mikayla Walker


Cristine Prosperi joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Mikayla Walker, the bright and bubbly ally to Dylan Blake. Cristine’s previous credits include Degrassi, The Latest Buzz and the feature films Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home and Stir of Echoes. Other projects include Really Me and Totally Amp’d and the Nickelodeon TV movie Nicky Deuce, starring alongside many actors from the acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos. Cristine is a classically trained singer (alto, soprano, classical pop and belt) and an accomplished dancer (jazz, lyrical and hip hop). Cristine has recently started her own fashion blog.

Kevin McGarry - Dr. 'Hud' Hudson

Kevin McGarry

Dr. ‘HUD’ Hudson


Kevin McGarry joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Dr. Timothy “Hud” Hudson, the first-year medical resident and rugged bad boy of Open Heart Memorial. Kevin’s film and television credits include Saw 7, Being Erica, Turn the Beat Around, The Fifth Sun, Cigarettes Hurt Babies, Pickled, Love Bites, The Orange Factor, Memories and The Eye of the Needle. Kevin also has a strong theatre background with roles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Complete Work of William Shakespeare, Anne of Green Gables, His Girl Friday, Enchanted April, Come Back Little Sheba, Peace in Our Time and She Loves Me – to name a few. Kevin has trained and studied at Second City Toronto, the Fanshawe Theatre Arts program, the Pro Actor’s Lab (Toronto) and the Lyric School (Vancouver).

Elena Juatco - Scarlet McWhinnie

Elena Juatco

Dr. Scarlet McWhinnie


Vancouver native Elena Juatco joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Scarlet McWhinnie, the first-year medical resident, whose stunning beauty often leaves her razor sharp medical skills underestimated by others. First seen on television as a finalist on the second season of CTV’s Canadian Idol, Elena was quickly nicknamed “The Little Dynamo from B.C.”. The “Little Dynamo” caught the eye of eTalk Daily producers, and she soon became a correspondent for future coverage of Canadian Idol. Elena’s film and television credits include Sorority Surrogate, Breaking the Rules, The Transporter Series and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Elena’s theatre credits include Ross Petty’s Snow White and the Group of Seven (for which she was nominated for a Dora Award), Miss Saigon, High School Musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (for which she won the Jessie Award), Marcy in I Love You Because, Twelfth Night and All’s Well that Ends Well. Most recently, Elena starred in Cameron Mackintosh’s 25th anniversary production of Les Misérables. In her spare time, Elena enjoys writing, blogging, traveling, photography and playing piano and guitar.

Patrick Kwok-Choon - Seth Park

Patrick Kwok-Choon

Seth Park


Montreal native Patrick Kwok-Choon joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Seth Park, the loveable hipster-nerd lab tech, whose knowledge of biochemistry is exceeded only by his collection of indie novels and ironic t-shirts. Patrick’s television credits include Being Erica, Nikita, The Ron James Show, Covert Affairs, Lucky Seven, The Best Laid Plans, Rookie Blue, Nurse 3D, Rapid Pulse News, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town and Befriend and Betray. Patrick’s theatre credits include Warhorse (Mirvish Productions), Rock N’ Roll, The Tempest, The Hobbit, The Godot Cycle and A Boy Called Newfoundland. A graduate of George Brown Theatre School, Patrick also has a diverse set of skills that vary from krav maga 4 and tae kwon-do (blackbelt) to ballet, waltz, tango, foxtrot and swing.

Jenny Cooper - Dr. Jane Blake

Jenny Cooper

Dr. Jane Blake


Jenny Cooper joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Dr. Jane Blake, mother to Dylan and London, and the leading trauma doctor who would rather save lives than deal with her own family affairs. Jenny’s television credits include NCIS, Last Resort, Las Vegas, 24, Close to Home, Missing, Monk, Ghost Whisperer, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, Doc, Mutant X, Bliss, Odyssey 5, Soul Food, Foreign Objects, The Outer Limits, Nash Bridges, Fast Track, Jake and The Kid, PSI Factor, I Think I Do, The Obsession, The One, Feast of All Saints, When Innocence is Lost and Saved by the Bell. Jenny’s film credits include Baby Blues, Lovewrecked, Godsend, Welcome to Mooseport, The Recruit and The City of Roses. Jenny’s theatre credits include Touch, Clarence Darrow’s Last Trial, The Words of Women, Summer Shorts, Fools for Love, The Diviners, Savage in Limbo, Crimes of the Heart and Rehearsal for Murder.

Jeff Douglas - Richard Blake

Jeff Douglas

Richard Blake


Nova Scotia native Jeff Douglas joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Richard Blake, the troubled son and missing heir apparent to the Blake family. As a television host, Jeff has garnered three Gemini nominations – one in 2006 for Things That Move and two in 2008 for Ancestors in the Attic and Working Over Time. More Recently, Jeff hosted Making History (National Geographic) and the 161 country-wide live broadcast of Jetman Live (National Geographic). Jeff has also been a series regular on the Emmy Award winning Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (NBC/Discovery) and The Famous Jett Jackson (Disney). Jeff has appeared in Lost Girl, This Is Wonderland, Missing and Rookie Blue. Jeff has shared the Big Screen with Denzel Washington, Ray Liotta, Robert Duval, and Ellen Page. For his performance as “Joe Canadian” in the well-known Molson commercial, The Rant, Jeff was the recipient of the prestigious Kari Award (2001). Jeff is currently the Co-Host on CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

Demore Barnes - Dr. Dominic Karamichaelidis

Demore Barnes

Dr. Dominic Karamichaelidis


Demore Barnes joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Dr. Dominic Karamichaelidis, the handsome attending emergency physician and resident advisor who doesn’t mind being the bad guy if it means saving lives. Demore’s television credits include Cracked, Hemlock Grove, 12 Monkeys, Hannibal, The Listener, Transporter, Flashpoint, XIII, Being Erica, Awakening, Fringe, Caprica, Supernatural, Don Cherry: Study in Pink, The Unit (the series was nominated for two NAACP awards), The Associates, Relic Hunter, Street Cents, Second String, Blackout, If You Believe, Hooplife, Squawk Box, Steal This Movie, White Lies and The Associates (for which he was nominated for two consecutive Gemini Awards for “Best Leading Actor”).

Mena Massoud - Jared Malik

Mena Massoud

Jared Malik


Mena Massoud joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Jared Malik, the snarky and upfront head of the youth volunteer program who plays by the rules and relishes the marginal authority his position gives him. Mena’s film, television and web series credits include Americanistan, King, Combat Hospital, Nikita and Army 360 and Cut To The Chase. Mena’s theatre credits include Elektra in Bosnia, Six Characters in search… of an Author, The Girl From Maxim’s, Richard III, Danforth and Twelve Angry Men. Mena studied at the Professional Actors Lab and Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto.

Dylan Everett - Teddy Ralston

Dylan Everett

Teddy Ralston


Dylan Everett joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Teddy, a bored rich kid who has nothing better to do than cause trouble. Dylan’s television credits include Degrassi (for which he won a Canadian Screen Award for “Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series”), The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story, Wingin’ It, How To Be Indie, Supernatural, What’s Up Warthogs!, Flashpoint, Life With Boys, Frenemies, Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist, Cooper’s Camera, Booky’s Crush, Fading Fast, The Devil’s Mercy, Super Why!, The Dresden Files, Everything is Connected and Breakfast with Scot.

Jonathan Wittaker - Edward Blake

Jonathan Whittaker

Edward Blake


Jonathan Whittaker joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Edward Blake, a world-class surgeon who invented a piece of medical equipment that ensured the Blake family’s wealth and fame for generations. Jonathan’s television and feature film credits include The Virgin Suicides, Chicago, The Land of the Dead, Dracula 2000, Queer as Folk, Copper, Transporter, The Firm, Insecurity, Alienated, Heartland, Flashpoint, Lost Girl, The Best Years, The Eleventh Hour, Blue Murder, The X Files, PSI Factor, The Outer Limits, The Listener, Sirens Genius, The Arrow, The Kennedys, Missing, Women of Camelot, Get Over It, Resurrection, Three Men and A Baby, Interstate 60 and Earth’s Final Contact.

Sherry Miller - Helena Blake

Sherry Miller

Helena Blake

Sherry Miller joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Helena Blake, the charming and elegant Blake grandmother who makes it her business to know everyone else’s business. Some of Sherry’s feature film credits include The Virgin Suicides, It’s a Boy Girl Thing, I’ll Follow You Down, The Child of Lazarus, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Getting’ Away With Murder, In Memoriam, The Stupids, Tribulation and Johnny Mnemonic. Sherry’s television credits include Bitten, The Best Years, Warehouse 13, The Listener, Flashpoint, This Time Around, A Killing Spring (Gemini award nominee), Lucky Girl (Gemini award nominee), E.N.G. (two-time Gemini award nominee), Losing It, A Family’s Decision, Isabella Rocks, Harry’s Case, Strange Justice, The Jaqueline Susann Story, This Matter of Marriage, The Last Man on the List, The Care and Handling of Roses, The Undead Express, A Reasonable Woman, Rent A Kid, Thicker Than Blood, J-Pod, Rent A Goalie, The Eleventh Hour, Bliss, Tom Stone, D.C., The Famous Jett Jackson, Twitch City, Early Edition, Prince Street, Highlander, Scales of Justice, The Dresden Files, Robson Arms, Missing, Queer as Folk, The Collector, Kingdom Hospital, The Trojan Horse, Absolution, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Wild Card, Odyssey 5, Doc, Twice in a Lifetime, Blue Murder, F/X: The Series, The Newsroom, Due South, Traders, Ice Blues and Relic Hunter.

Jacob Neayem - Donnie Mara

Jacob Neayem

Donnie Mara


Jacob Neayem joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Donnie Mara, the son of a prominent family, who becomes involved in the Blake family story when he is admitted to the hospital with a mysterious injury. Jacob’s film credits include Regression, The Subterfuge Suite, The Lesser Blessed, What Happens Next, Faces of Pain and Punishment, Patch Town, Murmur, When Life Sucks Get a Helmet and Ready to Mate. His television credits include Degrassi, That’s My DJ, The Phantoms, Wingin’ It, Connor Undercover, Made: The Movie, Happy Town Overruled and How To Be Indie. Jacob has studied at The Toronto Academy of Acting and at Second City Toronto.

Darrell Dennis - Det. Darryl Goodis

Darrell Dennis

Det. Darryl Goodis


Darrell Dennis joins the cast of OPEN HEART as Detective Goodis, the smart and seasoned cop heading up Richard’s missing person’s case. Darrell’s television credits include Degrassi, Blackstone, Just for Laughs, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, The Associates, Planet Zoo, Adventure Inc., The Oath, Shania, Exhibit A, The Rez, Comics, Northwood, Neon Riders and F/X: The Series. His film credits include Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis, Deceived and Leaving Normal. Some of his many theatre credits include Tales of an Urban Indian, The Puck Stops Here, Arms and the Man, The Town Twice Remembered, Betrayal, The Indolent Boys and Only Drunks and Children. Darrell studied in the Advanced Conservatory Program at Second City in Vancouver.

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